Brother Barley lands a prestigious interviewing opportunity with one of the premiere bloggers in the DC Metro area: Wild and Crazy Pearl. We discuss beer basics, the misconceptions about Guinness, and the joys of social networking.*

*Editor’s Note: Brother Barley and Wild and Crazy Pearl mention the blog of a mutual friend, Miss Mango Hands. We erroneously stated that her blog URL is when it is in fact Our apologies to our listeners and Miss Mango Hands for the confusion.


  1. I can’t believe how much you know about beer – so impressive! I guess all that wife-ignoring time has been put to good use.

    And btw – the Dogfish Head Punkin Ale won my highly subjective and by no means definitive pumpkin beer taste-off in the fall. That’s really the only beer of theirs I really like – I’m not one for crazy shit in beer either.

  2. Actually, Wifey McHops tends to participate in the tastings, so it’s not truly “wife-ignoring” time. Although, I do tend to ignore my second and third wives while I’m drinking. Yay polygamy!

    I hate to challenge your authority on your own blog, but I devotedly followed your Pumpkin Ale taste-off last year and I seem to recall the Wolaver’s Will Steven’s taking home the gold (not the DFH Punkin). Either way, I agree that overusing adjuncts in beer is a tremendous waste of my highly valuable time.

    And please accept our apologies for screwing up the URL on your blog! Don’t beat us with your freakish, deliciously tropical, mango hands!

  3. How embarrassing! It turns out that I’m actually drunk right now and can’t keep my beers straight. Well, the only way to keep going at this point in the day is to keep drinking…

    Now is the time in the commenting where I will list things that I like that you (or Wifey McHops) also like.
    1) Heffeweissen
    2) Oscar Blues brewery – I like Pork Slap, partially for the taste, partially for the name
    3) Wasting my time on a blog that no one reads

  4. Drinking away the morning is a time-honored tradition in the Mango Hands household. I salute you.

    1. I do enjoy a good Hefeweizen (but not the evil-corporation owned Blue Moon, of course).
    2. Oskar Blues is awesome…and everyone knows how much Miss Mango Hands enjoys pork slapping.
    3. I’m not sure if you’re referring to wasting your time commenting on our blog (which no one reads) or writing for your blog (which no one reads). Regardless, no one likes us.

  5. I love everything about this podcast and your comments, Miss Mango Hands!! My post will be up (only four months late) in a few moments…

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