Tucking into a bottle of the Beer Advocate rated A plus Kentucky Breakfast Stout with Ripped at his son, Beer Lad’s, 3rd birthday party. Insane notes of coffee, vanilla, and chocolate. It’s all the fun of Kahlua… Without the snide comments from your friends. Sublime. 4 Hops…all the way.

One thought on “FOUNDERS KBS

  1. As Sudsy alluded to, Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout sits at # 7 on Beer Advocate’s top American Beers list. When you see Portsmouth’s Kate The Great sitting just a hair above it in terms of overall score, you know you’re getting into something special. I’ve had some other renditions of the Breakfast Stout buy this one takes the cake.

    Had some other tasty brews yesterday as well. Broke into Spring With Anchor’s Bock Beer and laid a nice foundation with Sierra’s Torpedo Extra IPA. Also dabbled with a growler of Berkshire Brewing Co. Steel Rail Extra Pale Ale. Overall, a good day for drinkin’.

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