In the interest of time, of which I have very little, I’m going to skip most of my dribble about the brewery and move quickly to the tasting note.  What you do need to know about AleSmith Brewing Company of San Diego, CA is that they rock.  Plain and simple, just an awesome brewery putting out no-nonsense bottle-conditioned Ales (No force carbonation) since 1995.  If you can find them, and that’s a big if, don’t hesitate to pick up everything they have. Click below to read the tasting…

I went right in for their IPA, weighing in at 7.75% ABV and coming out of the West Coast with a 22oz screened bomber.  I generally don’t like screened on printing since I can’t scrape off the label to use for my homebrews (Damn you Stone!), but I made an exception this time.  The beer poured a medium golden color with a massive head, more or less off-white in color (I’m not big on colors, so I guess just call it light in color with a white head – It looked like beer).  Lacing was wrapped around the top of the glass and never dissipated until about an hour after my last sip.  Impressive.  The hop profile is slightly floral, but massively citrusy and piney.  Me likes.  Taste is amazingly dry with a bitter start, bitter middle, and bitter finish.  That said, there’s a certain smoothness from a well-balanced malty backbone.  Mouthfeel is probably heavier than it looks, at least for a lighter in color hoppy beer.  Feels bigger than it is, whatever that means.

I’ve heard and read a lot about AleSmith over the years and this one lived up to the billing.  Drinkability might be a bit tough at almost 8%, but it’s not like I wasn’t wishing that they squeezed a few more ounces into the 22oz offering.  That would be a fun trick.  Anyway, 3.5 hops all around the AleSmith IPA.  It’s nice to get into something without “Extreme”, “Double”, or “Imperial” on the label that can still deliver on some boozy goodness.  Nice work guys!

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