With the monstrous success of The Maltercation, we thought it would be a fine idea to poll our listeners on their favorite beer styles.  What?  You have no idea what The Maltercation is and you’re trying to figure out how to listen to our inane typed out postings?  Okay, maybe I shouldn’t use monstrous to describe the success of the Aleheads Podcast.  The success is that we actually figured out how to hit record and put something up on the world’s wide webs.   The Maltercation is a poorly thought out discussion of an even more poorly thought out topic that generally revolves around something sudsy.  Sound good?

So, cast your vote on your favorite beer style and maybe we’ll dedicate a future Maltercation to your efforts.  Feel free to leave a comment too if you want to toss some ideas out there or even your favorite examples of the style.  Check back often for the next edition of The Maltercation Podcast.

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