The Aleheads drank heartily last night…in celebration of the Baron’s birthday, of course. The Baron must be a popular dude because there were a surprising number of imbibers out at the taverns for a Wednesday night. Also, apparently green clothing is the “in” thing to wear.

Your fearless beer blogger, Brother Barley, took one for the team and sampled (amongst other tasty brews):

  • Cask-conditioned Moylan’s Kilt-Lifter
  • Cask-Conditioned Sprecher IPA
  • Terrapin The Dark Side Project #9
  • Sweetwater Dank Tank BSP Quad
  • Good People BSD
  • Moylan’s Hopsickle
  • …and an Irish Car Bomb, it being the Baron’s birthday after all.

And how do I feel this morning? The way all true Aleheads should feel on March 18th.

The things I do for you people.

One thought on “ST. SUDSY’S DAY

  1. Ah, I wish I could say the same for my quality quaffings. While I avoided the dreaded green-dyed, mass-produced lager, I didn’t exactly go over the top with my choices. A simple array of Murphy’s Irish Stout, Guinness, Smithwicks, Bushmill’s 10yr Single Malt Irish Whiskey, and repeat. Oh, did I repeat.


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