Aleheads believe in big hops, bold flavors, complex styles, and an orgiastic future that, beer-by-beer, recedes before us.  But as it was amongst our Industrial Revolution laborer brethren of yore, at times we hear a siren call to sidle up and quaff a pint or six before trudging back to 3rd shift at the ‘ol mill.  After all, a strict regiment of drugs and alcohol keeps Aleminds limber, and lunch is lunch, be it liquid or otherwise.  Yet as we have come to realize,  too much ABV in the AM has potential to elicit sidelong glares from Alebosses, Alewives, state troopers, and others who fail to grasp our irrepressible zest for life.

Thus, “Session Beers”, falling between 4% and 6% on the booze-o-meter, with accessible tastes just crying to be racked and downed comfortably in a sitting, freeing the mind to ponder the mysteries of our time, and in the end leaving us refreshed and much less the worse for wear.  Take it from me, having chugged 12 goblets of Big Foot Barleywine prior to sitting for the Series 7’s, there is a place and time in the world for session beers, E.g. pre-gaming open-chest surgery, closing arguments of your intellectual property trial, operating a backhoe, or storming Waterfall Base on Valhalla.  As a great mind once noted: sometimes “the difference is drinkability.”

So Brother Barley and Doc Rip decided to tackle the top 10 session beers in this very special episode of The Maltercation BeerCast.  After all, if you’re determined to tie on a functional buzz, you may as well do so with taste and style.  So listen to us drink beer on your computer!  This was Al’s vision when he and Tommy Lee Jones invented the interwebs.  That, and tentacle porn. Down in one, down in one, down in two!


  1. Nicely done. I put this on while I was on the treadmill. (Mock me all you like, but the alternative was spin class.) It was great except it was a real hazard to be running while trying to take notes. Keep up the good work boys.

    1. Commander,

      Thank you for your patronage. Mock you? Nay, the Aleheads find it extremely gratifying that you expended more energy listening to The Maltercation than we did creating it.

      You’ll find our upcoming fruit beer episode goes great with Pilates.

  2. I think you’re going to need a west coast correspondent to remind all you east coasters that you drink mainly swill and more swill.

  3. Sweeney, if that’s an invitation to send me some Deschutes, Russian River, and Alesmith. Yes, please.

    I would be more than happy to do a West Coast only Podcast. Better yet, how about an East Coast v. West Coast (Hip)Hop Battle?

  4. Great job with the podcast, gentlemen.

    As for the postmodern “session,” mine is looking less and less like downing a few sam nut browns in front of a game and more and more like downing several fin du mondes to dull my senses while my wife watches American Idol.

  5. @ Wank_Lagerglatze: Pussy.

    Wanker and I welcome recommendations for a pony keg that will keep us on the fine line between responsibility and oblivion for a week (or whatever portion of the week it takes to consume the pony keg–last year it was about 4 days of Yuengling).

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