Nice little piece on Brasserie Cantillon from the Boston Globe.  In many ways, Cantillon may be the brewery that best embodies the spirit of craft brewing: ancient equipment, artful technique, world-class offerings, and all the romance of an era long past.  When I first heard about Cantillon, it was described in almost mythic terms.  A place where local farmers drop by with bushels of fresh seasonal produce for the brew.  A place where the brewery doors are thrown open at night to allow the wild yeasts of a bucolic paradise to work their magic.  A place where family and community intersect to create something truly special.

Cantillon’s beers are unlike anything, even other similarly situated lambic or gueuze offerings, available on the market today.  For my money, their Fou Foune is as special as anything I’ve tried.  I wouldn’t reach for it every night, but doing so would defeat the point.  The complex, sophisticated depth of flavor you’ll find in one of Cantillon’s bottles deserves a commensurate commitment of time to savor the experience.  It’s a style of beer that will make you want to sip (if not, it’s acerbity will force you to anyway).  It will taste unlike anything you’ve tried.  It will change the way you think about beer.

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